Best Money Making Hobbies this Year

You will be surprised to know that now you can make money from anything you do in your free time, whether it is writing, surfing the internet or even making money playing games. You can just simply make some cash out it by simply following some instructions. As everyone is looking for earning some cash, I have come up with a list of some of the best hobbies that can help you to earn a good amount of money. You just have to give some time to the work you love and then you will be paid for it. So starting from the 1st idea,


1 Writing

If you Love writing or you have a skill to communicate with the people and you can write the things that attract people. Then you can simply make a living out of your this habit. You can freelance your writing skills on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. With the excess of internet, it has become possible to get more clients in a shorter period of time. You can write poetry for people, or lyrics or you can write a story. Other than that you can also help people to write research papers. Writing can also become a source of passive income for you if you write and sell books, on the internet you can create Ebooks that can serve as a passive income source.
Writers around the world how are freelancers can earn in 6 figures easily in a year. So if writing is a hobby to you then you must earn from it.


2 Gaming

Do you have a hobby to play games? Do you know that you can make a living just by playing games? There are many sites and apps that pay you for playing games online and participating in tournaments and contests. In some of the cases you get cash prize for winning a tournament and in some cases you will be paid for just playing. Sites like Quik Rewards, Games ville and Swagbucks can help you in this reward. You can also sell your accounts info if you are a pro in a game for a good amount on sites like PlayerUp. You can also earn by teaching games to people because now companies and people hire coaches that can teach people about a certain game. So now instead of playing games for free, you should start earning from the online games.


3 Blogging

Another simple hobby that can be turn in to an earning opportunity is blogging. If you have a knowledge about a certain topic and if you love to write reviews and details on certain products or if you want to share some knowledge and your personal experience with people you can easily start a blog. It only takes a few minutes to get started and you can then post your thoughts daily. If people love what you write, then you will get a lot of traffic on your websites and then you can earn by affiliate marketing and posting ads on the blog. As a blogger you can create your portfolio for your clients and you can also get money from the people to promote and test their products.


4 Surfing the Internet

This is the hobby of most of the people and they just tend to surf the internet in their free time. If you are also the one who like to surf the internet in his free time then you should know that you can also earn money for just surfing the internet. There are many apps and sites that will pay you for just surfing the internet and some will pay you for sharing your search history for research purposes. One of the sites that you can use for this purpose is Swagbucks and it is easy to use. You can watch videos, search for websites and play games on this site and for all these activities you will earn points that can redeemed in to cash.
There are certain platforms where you will have to test websites and you will be paid higher for that. If you go for website testing you can make a $30 for an hour. So just surfing the internet for free you should make money from this habit of yours.


5 Take Surveys

If you are the person that loves to provides feedback and opinions on certain topics or you have a habit to share your thoughts on social media. Then you should not do that free as you can be paid for the expressing your opinions and thoughts. You can take online paid surveys and earn money that can help you to boost your income. There are many sites that can help you in this regard, for example Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Inbox Dollars, Opinion Outpost and many more. These sites are famous for paying people for their opinions. These surveys can only take a few minutes from your daily routine that means you can do that any time like in the lunch break or sitting in the bus. In most of sites mentioned above you will earn reward points that you can redeem in to gift cards or cash via PayPal.


6 Create a Course

If you love to help other by teaching them the new skills then you can also take this hobby as an earning opportunity. There are many people who do not have the time to attend a college or a university to learn a skill. So these people tend to buy online courses through which they can learn. You can create an online course in which you can teach the subject you love or teach the skill you want and then sell it on popular sites like Udemy or Lynda. People tend to buy courses from these sites of new programs and skills. You can make a course of photography if you love to teach photography or you can teach people to play the acoustic guitar in your course.


7 YouTube Channel

If you love to make videos and share your videos with people around the world then you should consider YouTube for that as you will be paid for the videos you post. You can make a YouTube channel of any kind of hobby you have. If you have a hobby of playing games then you can make a YouTube channel to guide other gamers, or if you can help others in some regard you can teach them or you can just simply post videos of the daily Vlogs. The earning opportunities are unlimited and you can easily make a good deal for your habit.


8 Graphic Designing

If you love to design graphics then this can help you earn a big amount every month. Companies need graphic designer who are unique in their ideas and have the best designs. So if you love to make designs then you must freelance your this skill. There are sties like Fiverr, Upwork, CafePress and 99 Designs that will help you to earn a big amount every month. On these sites and apps you can contact clients that needs services like website graphic designing, t-shirt designing, logos designing, personalized gifts and book covers.
As a pro in graphic designing, you can earn in six figures in a year. If you make sure you that you come up with unique ideas and designs then you can earn more than that.


9 Tutor

If you love to teach or want to share your knowledge with others than this might also be an earning opportunity. Not everyone can teach and if you have a habit of teaching then you should continue that for the sake of making money. You can teach school students, high school students or college students and according to your level you can earn from $15 to $75 per hour. You can find a student near you using the site like and you can also teach online on sites like and Study Pool. It depends upon on you where you want to teach but this hobby can seriously bring in some handsome amount of cash.


10 Baby Sit

If you love to spend time with babies and kids then you can easily make this a job. Professional baby sitters can earn up to 6 figures in a single year. Many people need baby sitters for their babies and kids when they are not around them or sometimes the parents are too busy that they can’t take care of their kids that is why they hire baby sitters. As I was saying that if you love to spend time with kids then you might look for babysitting jobs. You can find many jobs at sites like and you can also look in to your look newspaper to find a one. You can also post an ad about your services to get a job.

So these were some of the legit hobbies that can help you to earn money. If you love to do a thing and mostly do it in your free time then you should take this as an earning opportunity as if we earn from the things we love we will be more enthusiastic.
Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of earning money from these ideas. Let us know if you have any queries because we would love to hear from you.

Posted on: 07/16/2020

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