9 Ways to Watch Movies for Cheap

Well there are so many people who love to watch movies and especially when they are inexpensive, me and my family also land in the category of those people. To be honest there are hundreds of options available these days thorough which you can watch movies and some of them are pretty much expensive as compared to the others.

But you don’t have to worry about anything because to solve your this issue we have made some extra effort and went out of the way to come up with the list of many different ways through which you can watch movies inexpensively.


1. Netflix

Netflix is an online streaming service, which you can get for $9.99 per each month and you can stream a huge library of movies. The only downside of Netflix is that there are might not be all the new releases available on Netflix library, but they do have some of the TV shows which you can watch though and it also includes Stranger Things and The Witcher if you are willing to watch a good TV series.


2. Redbox

The one of the cheapest method, which I have found on the internet, is Redbox. Redbox allows you to watch a new release for near about $1.49 per night. Redbox also provide you the Blu–ray versions of movies as well but to avail that service you’ll need to pay a bit more.


3. Blockbuster Express

Blockbuster Express is not much cheap as compared to Redbox and the reason behind that is they charge you $2 for the brand new releases, but that is because that they actually get some of the specific movies before any other rental movie booth can get. However its been around since a long time and it will drop down to $1.


4. Drive – in – Theaters

There are many Drive– in–Theaters out there where you can watch movies; we also have one in our area and if you will go there on the Tuesdays then it will only cost you $4.50 per each person. Also don’t forget that vast majority of Drive – in’s movies are double features. In simple words, it means that you can actually watch the two of the new releases for just $4.50, which i don’t think is a bad option.


5. Vudu

Vudu is an application which can be found on almost every Blu-ray player which allows you to rent movie without even leaving the house. Vudu have most of the new releases which will cost you almost $3.99 per each rental. Other than that they also offer movie of the day option which you can rent for $1. If you are also not too picky like me then this could be a very inexpensive option for you.


6. Go to Pawn Shop

Talking about myself then I am not a regular customer of pawn shops, although I understand the thing that you can pick up DVD’s from Pawn Shops at relatively cheap price. This can be a great option for you to get movies somewhere below at $2 per DVD and usually there are many shops which allows you to choose from a wide range of DVD’s.

There is a possibility that you might need to call them in advance if you are willing to have a specific movie so that you don’t have to drive all the way to get there and after that you’ll be only disappointed if they don’t have it.


7. Dollar Theater

Well if you are on this article then it means you are a movie lover but if you love to watch movies on big screen then this can be a great option for you to do it for less. There are many Dollar Theater which I have been to are $3 or less. The only fall back about Dollar Theater is that these movies have been out for a while.


8. Costco Deals

Almost an year back Costco has a fantastic deal where you can buy AMC Gold Experience tickets for just $6.50 per each piece. So in other words if you love going to the nice theaters, even in the diner – in locations, you can literally watch any movie for up to 50% off than the actual price. We accumulate on these anytime they become available.


9. Buy a DVD Lot On eBay

You can frequently buy a group if 20 DVD’s on eBay for just less than $30 and in result you’ll own the movie. For you this can be a great way to start a movie collection, but only negative point about that is you may end up having a collection of those movies that you don’t like.


Furthermore, recently I have been into reduced section, so in that case I prefer having a digital copy of the movie instead of having a physical copy of one.

This was the list of those ways through which you can actually watch movies for a lot less than the usual. At the end we would only say that we would love to hear from you guys so simply drop a comment below and let us know that which one of the above mentioned ways you have tried out and how much did you enjoyed and also share your experiences with us and let us know.

Posted on: 06/11/2020

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