8 Amazing Sites To Start Selling Your Crafts Online

According to a research in 2019, that consumer has spent nearly 3 million dollars on handcrafted items on Etsy alone, this is just one store’s worth of sales, and that is actually a lot of cash. That also means that the crafters in the USA are getting the opportunity to get in on the deal and they can also make some extra money by selling their crafts online.

I always respect people who can make handmade crafts. If I talk about myself then to be honest I do not have the patience, I find really good prices in the place that sell their arts and crafts online, it also helps me to pick out some creative gifts and items as presents or to put in my home.

If you have got some crafting skills and you are pretty good at them then you can cash in your skills to earn some side hustle money by selling them online. Now most of you must be thinking that where you should sell them? To help you out we have put our head together to come up with the list of 8 amazing sites where you can sell your crafts online and make some extra cash. Just stick to us and we will show you.

The list of some of the most popular craft selling sites is mentioned below along with what they might charge( if they do anything – some are totally free ) to permits you to advertise your handmade crafts online so you can sell them.


1 Handmade At Amazon

Almost everyone knows about the wildly popular site Amazon and Handmade At Amazon is a sub – store of that site. It allows the crafters to create a personalized storefront so they can showcase their items. You can sell as much as you want amount of handmade items at Amazon only if they are either handmade, hand – altered or hand assembled.

For those who are willing to sell their handmade on Amazon, Amazon has two plans for them. First one is a free Amazon Professional Plan and this one is for those who sell under forty items in any given month and the second one is a Professional Plan which costs $39.99 per month and this one is for those who sell over forty items in any given month.

Before getting yourself registered with Handmade At Amazon if you are already having an individual selling plan at Amazon then you should upgrade to any of the Professional Plan. Another thing which sellers do at Amazon is that they pay 15% referral fee on all the items that has been sold out through Amazon site, with at least $1 referral fee per item.

However Amazon’s fee is a bit higher than most of the other craft site fees but the thing is that the exposure for your item will likely be much higher with Amazon as well.
Another best thing is that Handmade At Amazon also run discount program occasionally in which they waive off the $39.99 fee for their Professional Plan, for those crafters who are selling over 40 items per month.

The coolest about the Handmade At Amazon is that they allow craft seller to access to a seller app through which they can manage their sale on the go, and not only that they also have their customer support center for the handmade sellers.


2 Etsy

Etsy is the original craft selling site for sure at least from the point of view of the most buyers. As we have told before also that Etsy members has spent more than 2.9 billion on Etsy items in 2019.
Actually, it’s pretty cheap to list your handmade items on Etsy because Etsy only costs you 20 cents per listing and after the sale of your handmade item is made you have to pay an additional 3.5% sales fee and 3.25% payment processing fee for all the payments which are accepted through Etsy Payments.
Other than receiving payments through Etsy Payments you can also receive your payments through PayPal or major credit or debit card. Some additional form to receive payments are also available such as you can also receive your payments through Apple Pay or Google Wallet. There are no monthly store or any sort of other fees with Etsy.


3 Bonanza

Bonanza is also a similar store similarly as Amazon is. They also offer handmade items but other than that they also offer commercial retail items as well in variety of genres which includes health and beauty items and also accessories, jewelry, home and garden items and clothing.
One of the best thing about Bonanza is that they dont charge any fees or fees for listing products and their sell rate is only 3.5%. that’s a great deal in terms of fees and you don’t have to pay anything unless you sell something.


4 Folksy

Folksy is one of those craft selling sites which is only open to British sellers. By using Folksy you can sell your handmade jewelry, clothing, stationary, art and many more.
Folksy is currently offering two different plans for their sellers. First one is the Folksy basic plan which features a per item list fee and sales commission, and second one is a Folksy plus plan which features a small fee for whole year and no listing fee or sales commission fee.
Folksy is the great site for British Crafters and it also has the wonderful collection of items for everyone to buy.


5 eCrater

While talking about the eCrater let me tell you something about it, eCrater is also an online market place similar to eBay. eCrater don’t charge you any sort of fee for listing your handmade craft items on eCrater marketplace and also its totally free to open a store on eCrater.
Usually you will be charged 2.9% as a sales fee after your sale is made and also eCrater allows you to have a limited number of items per store, but the thing is that they allow 10,000 items per store which I guess would be probably enough for most of the small craft business owners.
Another feature of eCrater which they allow for their sellers is that they allows their seller to import their items which they have listen on eBay for quick store setup.


6 CafePress

CafePress is a site which allows designers to upload their designs according to the products which that site offers. The benefit of being a seller on this site is that you will get a commission when an item is sold on this site with your design. After an item is sold on this site with your design, the amount of commission you will receive depends on the markup cost you set in your store.


7 Handmade Artist’s Shop

Well to be very honest this Handmade Artist’s Shop has reminded me a lot about the Craft site of GFC Mall and that’s because it is set up with a similar design and has a large variety of different types of crafts which are available for sale.

The good thing about this web site is that they straightly charge you with a monthly subscription fee and with that they don’t charge you any listing fee or commission payment.
To join Handmade Artist’s Shop, crafters can pay $5 per month or they can save a bit of money and can pay $50 per year.
All of the items sold there must have a handmade component to them and also they must be friendly family.


8 Redbubble

Redbubble is a site which allows you to sell your designs on mugs, posters, t-shirts, bumper stickers and many more. It is quite similar to Cafepress.
Same as the CafePress it also allows their sellers to set their own price. Your only duty is to sit back and collect a check because they print the product, and send it to the customer and also they will handle customers. You can receive your payment through PayPal every single time you sale on their site.


This was the list of those 8 amazing sites through which you can start selling your crafts online and as we have told you before that if you are crafty or got some crafting skills then you should cash in your skill and earn some extra side hustle cash.

Also we would love to hear from you! Which one of the above mentioned ways you have tried and how it helped you out so simply drop a comment below and share your experiences with us.

Posted on: 06/12/2020

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