16 Best Online Chat Jobs with Good Pay

If you want to work in customer service industry from your home while you cannot go to the office daily or you don’t have such type of situation at your home in which you can take calls and manage clients. Then you can take online chat jobs. People now a days prefer messages instead of a call and use the chat support more often. Thus companies are now hiring more chat support agents.

These type of chat jobs are more preferred for the people who do not want to take phone calls more often, those who do not have a proper place in their house and for those people who are children of infants and small babies. These type of jobs do not need any extra ordinary requirements and they only need some time commitments. You can also work in a noisy condition and it will still pay you off. As picking up calls is more stressful than of texting so these type of jobs are more preferred.

To do Online Chat jobs you will need a good internet connection, with good attitude and communication skills, Speed of 35 words per minute and discipline in your work. The time of your work can be variable but if you are experienced in your job then you are going to be paid well. You will need a minimum of college education or some experience to get these jobs.
So now let us talk about the companies in which you can take a job and earn some good money. Let us start from the 1st one,


1. Apple

If you have good information about Apple products then you can start a job as an Apple At Home Advisor. For this job you will require a distraction free workspace with Apple products and a Headset. You will have to help Apple customer in service and technical issues as this job is not all about chatting it will also require some other tasks too. For your services you will get a paid vacation or discounts at Apple products.


2. Arise

Arise is one of the famous companies that hire people for online chat jobs. This company has A+ rating of the Better Business Bureau and was founded in 1994. This company has a number of clients that are famous brands of the US, UK and Canada and they offer customer support service for them. Arise is one of the leading company that provide online chat support services and you can start your job within 5 days after you fill up your application form. This company will pay you well.


3. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelancing app that help people freelance their skills. You can also provide your service of costumer care on Fiverr and could earn some good amount. On Fiverr you will have to make your profile and then you can get customer and companies that will pay you for your work. You can do more than one type of a task at the same time. By this you will be able to earn more money.

4. Concentrix

Concentrix was founded in 1983 and its primary feature is to help business and companies in their customer support departments. They are partners of one of the famous brands and companies. So this could be another place to get online chat jobs. You can become one of the home agent and as a home agent you will have to provide customer services and technical support. As this company is a famous one and have many partners so you will have to work in the specific hours assigned by the company.


5. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is one of the site that only publishes the legit jobs after a careful and critical analysis of the job request. Thus you will not get scams on this site. You can get a number of legit online jobs and some of them include the chat jobs. You will have to pay a small fee on this site if you want to see the full details of a job. But this small fee always pay off if you are looking for a job. There are some jobs that would also require you to visit the office once a week while the others do not require you to come to the office.


6. Best Buy

I am sure you have heard of this multinational online store as it is one of the biggest electronics store in America. They also hire people as customer service agents many times in a year. The duty of the agent is to help people in buying something, answering their questions or give them necessary information about the products too. You can work from your home.


7. ModSquad

ModSquad is another company that provides customer support services to many companies around the globe. They are in business since 2007 and have at least 10 thousand employs. By joining this company, you have the choice to work in a project in which you have interest. You just need a fast internet connection and you can work from wherever you want that means you do not need to visit the company here unlike you have to do in the others job. There are number of tasks in as a customer support agents that you will have to fulfil.


8. Ginger

If you have a medical background or you are good at counselling with people then you might consider Ginger for an online chat job. This company hires Psychiatrist and therapists around the globe to help people online. If you have the above mentioned abilities then you can work with Ginger according to your own time and schedule.


9. Indeed.com

This is one of the world largest job’s platform. When you are looking for online chat jobs why not give it a try? By writing online chat jobs in the search bar you could search for any jobs in your country or outside the country easily. There are many companies that use this site to post jobs so using this site will help you to save a lot of time as you will not have to visit all the companies’ sites one by one to check if they are hiring or not.


10. Live World

Live World is one of the platform that is helps people to answer their queries and provide them technical support. As working with this company you will have to help people through social media or messaging apps. You will have to reply to comments, answer people queries through messaging apps. You can take this job as a part time job and it will pay you well.


11. Capital Typing

This is one of the sites that requires customer service representatives. You can get jobs like customer support, translation and transcription. You can take any of the job as your full time job and start your carrier as an online customer service support representative.


12. Needle

On Needle you can work for your favorite brands as a customer support agent. You can join them by filling up an application form that will take at least 30 minutes and you can start after 2 days of your application. You will have to chat with the customers and provide them the support and information they want. You will be rewarded by your favorite companies and you could also get free products. The amount you will paid depends upon the chats you do as this is a time flexible job and you can work whenever you want.


13. Operator

This is one of the amazing online chat support platform, here you will have to help people in their shopping, guide them about the shopping procedure and provide information about the products. You can also share your personal experiences about the product. As you are encouraging people to buy products you will also earn commission on completing a sale. You can join this shopping app as an operator by visiting their website.


14. Upwork

Upwork is a freelancer’s platform that helps freelancers get work easily. You can use this app to find online chat jobs. You will have to make a profile on this site and search for jobs. You can bid on the jobs posted here and if the company finds your bid interesting they will contact you. Do not bid for the jobs that do not have the payment verified status as most of them are scams.


15. Support.com

If you have knowledge about the electronics items and gadgets, then you can join support.com. This is one of the site that people use to get online support for their electronic devices like Personal Computers or printers etc. You can also join their cloud’s team as now data is often saved in clouds. You will be paid well while working with support.com.


16. SiteStaff Chat

If you can multitask well then this site is best for you. As this site requires you to handle more than two or three conversations at a single time. You can send your resume to them and whenever there is a position available they will call you.

So these were some of the best online chat jobs that will help you to earn a good money. Companies around the world need customer support agents so you could be the one and earn a good amount.
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Posted on: 08/19/2020

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