12 Passive Income Ideas

Passive income is that income which you earn from one time investments means you invest for one time or do all the hard work one time and then you receive the reward as the time goes on means you get earnings for a long time. Now do you work for a full time job with timing of 10 years and sometime you spend your holidays or weekends on your job too. If you do then you should have got tired of your routine and want to shift in to life that is a bit easier and where you can get rid of this schedule and could work according to your mood then this article is for you. I will tell you about legit ways from which you can earn passive income. I will tell you about ways through which you would be able to make $5,000 to $6,000 a month. Let’s start,


1. Use your House to Earn

If you live in a big house or do you have a room that you rarely use or even do you have a free bed you can rent it out. You can rent your house, room or bed to tourist or visitors on AirBnb. AirBnb is an online website which people use for finding places to live for. You can rent your rooms in weekends or holidays when there are a lot of tourist in town. You can hire a maid so that you then completely have nothing to do for earning. You will earn according to the facilities you give. You can earn around $1000 extra by renting your house.


2. Book Writing

If you have a good writing skill you can take start to your passive income effectively, if you are a talented freelance writer then this is the perfect opportunity. As you will complete writing your book you can start earning. You have to publish your book or if you put your book online on stores like Amazon you can earn on that every time your book is purchased. You have to make a strong and effective marketing approach so that your books are sold more often.


3. Make your own Online Store

Have you ever thought of doing business online but you do not have anything to sell or you cannot handle the mess of delivering or shipping products. If this is so then I have a solution for your this problem as e-Trading has now become more popular now a days you just have to make an online store and make it popular here you will be a connector between the costumer and the manufacturer. You will put products details on your store when a customer wants to buy that product he will place an order on your website and you will forward it to the manufacturer then the manufacturer will deliver the product and receiver the cash and you will have you commission. This process has the trade very easy for online stores where the manufacturer deliver the products by themselves.


4. Use UpVoice

Do you use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn in your free time? Or do you use Amazon for shopping? If yes then why do you do it for free? You can earn up to $70 or more a year by just browsing on these websites. All you have to do is to open the UpVoice website and register your account through Facebook. As you get approved you will have to download the UpVoice Browser extension which is completely and will no effect your browsing speed. You will get tokens for browsing on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Amazon. You can earn more tokens for doing surveys on this website. You can redeem your tokens on free gift cards for shopping or you can redeem them to VISA prepaid gift cards also. You don’t have to worry about your privacy and security because this website only share your information in case you have to get a reward.


5. Trade on Amazon

I am sure you would have used Amazon online store to buy things and must be satisfied by their setup. You can also sell your products on Amazon.com. This process is very easy and you do not have to do much to sell your product you can easily put up your product and make above $100,000 a year. The process is very easy in this case and the profits are much high.


6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is that marketing where you sell others product on your website or blog or advertise for it and you get commission when someone buys their product through your reference. All you need in this case is a computer with good internet connection and a website. If you have a website then starting this business is very easy and you just have to be affiliate with a business company. If you don’t have website you can get started with $3 per month that you pay to company that hosts your website online. You should update your website quite often to make it working and to get more earnings from it.


7. Selling online Course

In spite of teaching in field you should make online courses to make passive income. If you got a specific field in which you are the master or have specific set of knowledge about a thing you can make your online course and sell them. You can include emails and video lectures or EBooks in your course and put it online. Website like Teachable can help you a lot in this case. You have to put your course online and then if people join to purchase your course the system will automatically give them the desired details and the things included in the course. Once your course starts getting sold you start earning and get paid every time the product is being sold.


8. Make your YouTube Channel

You should have seen many of the You tubers making a handsome amount of money on YouTube and other people by making videos. How this works? The answer to this question is that when you play a video an ad appears on your video these ads are the opportunities you can have because you are paid every time an ads appear on your video. You can take a start by making your channel on YouTube and start making videos on the specific skill set you have. You would not earn much from making 1 or 2 videos but you will have to make a strong and large subscriptions and viewers to earn you in 6 figures. Although this would take some time but as the time will proceed and your channel gets more viewers you would to earn a very good passive income.


9. Earn from your Mobile App

If you can do programming or can make android or IOS applications then you can earn thousands of Dollars from it. You can earn every time someone uses your app. Many online application earn millions of dollars every month. You can also earn by making an application with a unique idea that makes people life easier and better. The uniqueness of your application will make it popular and you will earn a lot when more people will use it.


10. Advertise on Your Car

If you do not want to get in to a business like picking or dropping passengers you can still earn from your car by other means. There are many advertising companies that pay you for placing an advertisement in your car or you can fix an advertisement on your back screen and earn from it. These companies pay around a few hundred dollars for placing an ad in your car and all you have to do is to just drive around in the town.


11. Loss your Debt

If you are in debt and pay interest every month then you cannot have passive income. You first have to get out of debt to do it so. So first thing you have to do is that you should go for a low interest rate because if you pay less interest that means you save more money. So try to get out of the debt as soon as possible you can use online banks to take loans and make use of other offers to get less interest rates you can have interest rates as less as 4.99% on some offers so you should avail these offers to pay off your debt.


12. ShutterStock

If you are a good photographer and can make some of the amazing pictures around then you can earn a good income from your photos. You should be thinking how would you earn? The answer to this you just have to make some amazing and eye catching photos and put them on Shutter Stock. Once they get approved the pictures will be posted and you will make an earning every time someone download your pictures from there website.

So these were the 12 ideas to convert to passive income sources where you can ease your life very much. Passive income can make your life very easy where you just have to work for some days and then you start earning. I will surely recommend you to implement these ideas so you could make your life easier. Drop your comment in the comment section below and also share your experiences of earning money through one of the above mentioned sources.

Posted on: 09/16/2020

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