Legit Companies to Get Free Stickers in 2020

If you are a kid or you like to collect sticker for a purpose or you want to gift your kids sticker then this year you can do this for free as there are many companies that will give you free stickers upon your request. Though there procedure could differ and the time may vary but you will be able to get these stickers soon. You have to fulfill certain requirements in certain cases in order to get free stickers but they will worth it. So today I am going to tell you about some of the companies from which you can get free stickers easily. So let’s start,


1. Freezer Labels

This is a company that manufactures stickers and labels. Although they sell stickers but you can get some free also. They have a reputation of selling the stickers whose adhesive will bear the coldest temperature and will last long. You can either get free sample stickers from their site upon request or you can get blank samples on which you can print your design on your own.


2. In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger is one of the famous and oldest fast food chain that is in business in 1948. They are famous for their burger, fries and other foods and cook them with traditional methods to make it more delicious. They are located in California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Utah. In order to get free stickers from In-N-Out Burger, you will have to visit their restaurant as they give stickers to their customers or if you want to buy stickers from them you would then have to visit to their website.



RVCA is basically a clothing store in Costa Mesa that specializes in sports fits. There theme is to go beyond the limits of sports fit designs. You can get a large variety of products from this store. In order to get free stickers you will have to request them to send stickers to you on their website. They will send you their brand name sticker.


4. Annie’s

Annie’s are the famous organic food seller and you would know him if you are a buyer of organic processed foods because they are specialized in it. They are a very healthy alternative to the junk food and you might consider them too. So if you want to get free stickers from Annie’s, you will have to write them a letter to ask for stickers. Their mailing address is:

Annie’s Homegrown
1610 Fifth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710


5. Patagonia

Patagonia is one of the famous store that sells cloths and accessories for outdoor travel and stay. You can buy swim suites, snow and ski outfit, travelling bags and other accessories like that. In order to get free stickers from them you would have to visit their website and ask them for free stickers. You can also ask for store catalogs. One thing to be kept in mind is that these requests are limited and you can only once in a 4 month.


6. PETA Kids

PETA is a short form for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. This is non-profit organization that works on noble principles. They have an organization running under their name that is working to spread information on protecting animals in a kid friendly way. They help kids to learn how they can help animals and for this purpose they also send a magazine that is a guide for kids. This organization also send puzzles, quizzes and free stickers in order to teach kids about animals and protection of wildlife. You can ask them for free stickers on their website and the process is quite easy.


7. Moosejaw

Moosejaw is both an online store and a brick and mortar retailer that specializes in selling outdoor sports products and clothes. You can get a variety of products for hiking, skiing and camping. Moosejaw also give away free stickers if you fill their form and that is an easy one to fill out.


8. Southern Lure

Southern Lure is one of the companies that sell sports outfits. You can buy t-shirts, swimming costumes, polo shirts and many other sports outfit from them. Southern Lure is one of the companies that will send you free stickers of different designs. To get those free stickers you will have to request from their website. You can do a plenty of shopping as they have a lot of variety.


9. Zumiez

Zumiez is a large store that sell a number of items. You can buy products like clothes, jewelry, snowboards, skateboards and other items. They give away a lot of stickers to their customers and you could be the one to get free stickers. They have a big variety of designs of stickers that they give away and they update the designs in every season. You can get free stickers from them by two methods. First is that you would have to visit their store as they give away free stickers to their customers. The other way is that you would have to send a stamped envelope with your address. So that they could send you free stickers. You could ask them as many times as you want and get free stickers.


10. Rip Curl

Another company to get free stickers is Rip Curl. They are the one who sell casual clothes, sports outfits, hats, gloves and watches. So you could make a good deal while shopping here. In the past, to get free stickers you would have to send them a request but for now they have stopped answering the requests and are giving away free stickers with the products they sell. Thus in order to get free stickers you will have to buy from them. So in that way you could free stickers.


11. Medi-Badge

One of the companies that sells sticker is Medi-Badge. They also sell lollipops and other goodies. There is a way to get free stickers from them and that is that they give away free stickers to anyone who is buying goods from them. So if you are buying something from them then you can get free roll of stickers. Doctors, teachers and many other professionals use sticker of Medi-Badge and they have a large variety of stickers.

12. Sticker You

Another company to get free stickers is Sticker You. They sell stickers, graphics and other items like that. You will have to visit their website if you need fee stickers. The company upon request send free samples of stickers and catalog. There is a form to fill up if you desire for free sticker samples.


13. Fish Hippie

Fish Hippie is one of the store that also gives away free stickers. You can buy clothing like casual shirts, hoodies and caps. One of the unique thing that they sell is wine. Although the combination doesn’t seems right but this store is very interesting. You could get a free sticker of their logo by asking them.


14. Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi helps you buy products that you can use outdoor. This company mainly sells clothing that includes t-shirts, tops and jackets. Whereas you can also buy items to be used in travelling on this site. You can request them to send free sticker of their logo upon request as the logo is a very beautiful one. You will have to go to their site for that.

15. Sticker Mule

One of the companies to get free stickers from is Sticker Mule. They are the one who makes stickers for every purpose. They also make custom made stickers that you can buy from them. They are the one with the cheapest rates. If you want to get free sticker from them you can get from their site but that is occasionally. Otherwise you will have to buy stickers from them. You can get samples of stickers in very cheap rates. For example, you can get a sample of 9 stickers just in a single dollar.


16. Vinyl Disorder

Vinyl Disorder are one of the makers of stickers and other items that fall in the same category. You can buy decals, banners, wrap and all other variety from their site. They also gift free sample stickers to their customers. You can get it from there are website, you will have to choose five stickers that you want from two dozen stickers.


17. Sperry

Another company to get stickers from is Sperry. You can get boots, shoes, garments and other accessories from their website. Men, women and kids can find a good deal for themselves on this site as they have a number of products for everyone. They also give away free stickers to their customers and you can get that too. To get free stickers you will have to visit their site and fill up a form. Then they will send you free stickers.

So this is a list of 17 companies that you can try to get free stickers. Some of them have different options but it is worth giving it a try. Do comment in the comment section below and let us know your experience of buying stickers.

Posted on: 09/15/2020

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