5 Best Replacements Of Cable TV In 2020

As we all know that this is an era of the technology and new inventions. Like mobile phones turned into smart phones, same way now people got so many other options to watch TV on, instead of cable. In addition, those expensive packages of cable TV can put a major dent in your monthly budget and not only that because they can also affect your financial goals.

When it comes about cable TV packages, we all know that paying $100 or $200 or more per month for cable TV packages are common. Also basic packages of cable TV are affordable.

Whereas when you start to add up all the bills, stuff then things get costly, and extras such as movie channels and sports, means the costs starts increasing.

However, a cable package can be affordable for you in case if you exclude movie channel packages from them but then all you can watch is not much more than those traditional TV shows.

There are many other cable TV programs, which are bigger, and offers a lot more but they are expensive and not many people can afford them. So to solve you’re this issue we have put our head together and came up with the list of 5 best replacements of cable Tv which can help you guys for sure.
So simply stay with us and we will show you the 5 best replacements of cable TV.


Tip: you will need an internet access to gain benefit from some of these alternatives of cable TV


1 Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming service as an alternative to cable TV. They provide their services in three different packages.

– The Basic Package
– The Standard Package
– The Premium Package

The Basic Package

This is the Netflix basic package it contains the following features:
– Only one streaming device at a time
– Unlimited viewing
– HD and Ultra HD not available
– $8.99 + tax per month
– Free first month
– Cancel anytime
– Suitable devices are laptop, desktop, phone, pc or tablet

If you live alone or if you live in a smaller household, then this is the suitable package for you. If you don’t watch a lot of TV then it will also work for you and in addition in this package you won’t be able to stream in HD.

The Standard Package

Well Netflix standard package is a bit much more costly than its basic package but it is worth it if there are more than one person in your household. If I tell you about myself then this is the package we are using for our home and this package contains the following features:
– $11.99 + tax per month
– Unlimited viewing
– 2 streaming devices max at a time
– Cancel anytime
– You can stream in HD but Ultra HD is not available
– Free first month
– Suitable devices for this package are TV, laptop, desktop, tablet and phone

If there are more than one person in your household to use it then this package is suitable for you. It works for us because we hardly have more than two persons streaming at the same time.

The Premium Package

– Other than basic and standard packages, Netflix also offers a premium package and the features of this package as mentioned below:
– Four streaming devices at a time
– Free first month
– $15.99 + tax per month
– Unlimited viewing
– Cancel anytime
– HD and Ultra HD are available
– Suitable devices for this package are desktop, laptop, TV, tablet and phone
– If you have large number of viewers at your household then this package is perfect for you. My family has six members but generally, there isn’t more than two viewers at a time so that’s why we stick with the standard package.


2 Hulu

When it comes about streaming services then Hulu is the most similar streaming service to Netflix. However, there is the difference between Hulu and Netflix and that difference is some of those cool features, which Hulu is offering, and Netflix isn’t.
Hulu basic package costs $5.99 per month, which allows you to watch all the movies in the Hulu library, and you can watch all the complete episodes of the many of the popular TV shows. The only downfall for the basic package of Hulu is that you have to watch your TV shows with commercials.

There is another Hulu package which costs you $11.99 per month and that is totally commercial-free. In this package, you can watch all of your TV shows without being interrupted with commercials. The basic Hulu package includes the following:

– Current TV shows
– Kids shows
– Hulu originals
– Classic favorites

Whereas in this package only one device can stream at a time.

The best part of Hulu services is that the most current TV shows appears on it right after one day they air. Whereas with other streaming services like Netflix, that doesn’t happen, and also you have to wait for a pretty long time to watch them but on Hulu you can start watching it right after one day they air.

Other than the above-mentioned package, Hulu also offers Hulu Live Package. Hulu live package includes each and everything Hulu basic includes, and other than that it also allows you to stream over the top 50 live and on demand Tv channels. News, sports and entertainment are included in this package. In addition, it includes popular cable channels like:

– The Golf Channel
– The History Channel
– Oxygen
– Disney & Disney junior
– Fox News
– Fox Sports 1
– Fox Sports 2
– ESPN News 1
– ESPN News 2

There are many more channels on Hulu Live as well. I have checked out one of our major cable TV suppliers and I find out that they are offering 140+ channels at the cost of $70 per month. Although this was a limited time offer which expired after a mandatory 2 years agreement.
So maybe Hulu does not offer all of the table cable TV channels, but it offers many of the popular TV channels at a fraction of the cable TV packages cost. If you want advice on how to watch Hulu for free then click here.


3 Sling TV

Sling TV is the best replacement of the cable Tv. The reason behind that is that you do not have to pay any sort of fee and you don’t need any rental equipment. You can stream shows right from your phone, tablet, TV or computer.
Another best thing about Sling TV is that it offers different viewing options to its customers. For example, there is a Sling TV package, which is, knows as Sling Orange Package, it costs you $25 per month, and it offers 28 channels. This package includes ESPN1, ESPN2, ESPN3, and

HGTV and one of my personal favorite and that is the Food Network. The second package, which Sling TV offers for its customers, is the Sling Blue Package and in the package they offer you 44 different channels and it costs you $25 per month. The difference between Sling Blue and Orange package is that Sling Blue offers you some more channels than the Sling Orange does. Some of those channels are Fox sports, Bravo, AMC, Cartoon Network and the NBC sports network whereas some of the channels are same.
Other than these offers Sling TV also offer another package for their customers in which you can get both Sling blue and orange both package for just $40 per month or in that offer you can get any one package of them and then pick some add-on from the package which will cost you between $5 – $15 per month.

Tip: Sling TV is introducing its limited time offer by the May 2019 for new members in which they can get Sling Orange or Blue just for the %15 per month or they can get both for $25 per month.

One more thing which you guys should know about the Sling Blue & Orange packages is that Sling Orange package offers 29 channels and Sling Blue offers 42 channels and if you choose the combo package then your package will come with 48 channels and also the channels of your package will depends on your interest.

As we have mentioned before that if you are going to choose the Sling service then you can order some extras and gain some extra benefit from these extras. We have mentioned those extras below,

These add-on packages includes

Ala Carte premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax & Starz
The comedy extra along with extra comedy viewing options
The international extra along with extra international channels viewing options
The kid extra, the sports extra and the news extra ( starting from $5 per month)
That is not only which Sling Tv offers you in their extra, there is many more and you can save money on movies by customizing your viewing choices, as compared to Cable TV packages.


4 Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video is a streaming service and it is one of the Amazon services you get it for free when you make a purchase of Amazon prime or you can also purchase it individually and it will cost you $8.99 per month.
Well purchasing Amazon Instant Video service individually doesn’t really make a sense because Amazon Prime costs only $119 per year, which means it costs you $9.92 per month and if you are willing to buy it on a monthly basis then it will costs you $12.99 per month. You are better off to get the prime entire package because it comes up with lots of benefits such as a free two-day delivery.
Amazon instant video streaming service includes a variety of TV viewing options in different categories. We have mentioned some of them below.

– Several sporting shows
– Popular movies
– Popular Tv shows
– Classic movies
– Kids Tv
– Kids movies
– Amazon original shows
– Fitness shows and movies
– Documentaries

The amazon instant video streaming service also offers some other genres other than the above-mentioned ones such as family and faith movies and award winning short films. The recent report from the VDB (Video Advertising Bureau) shows that the service is currently swaggering over 18,000 movies and 2,000 TV shows.

That is the massive offering of Amazon instant streaming service as compared to Netflix has combined 10,000 available movies and TV shows.


5 PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is one of the recently released streaming subscription services. Do not get confused by the name because PlayStation Vue isn’t the streaming service which is only available on the newer PlayStation devices such as PlayStation 3 & 4.
You can also use their service on your web browser, Apple and your Android TV, and you can watch on your Amazon Fire TV and on the other devices as well such as your mobile phones.

Well if we talk about the streaming service costs then PlayStation Vue maybe the most expensive one from all of the services, which we have mentioned above but still it maybe the cheaper option to watch movies compared to what you would pay for your local cable Tv or satellite TV packages. PlayStation Vue offers some different packages for their customers, which we have mentioned below.

– The Access Package
– The Core Package
– The Elite Package
–  The Ultra Package

The Access Package

This package of PlayStation Vue will cost your $49.99 per month. In this package you will get almost fifty channels including ESPN1, ESPN2, The learning channel, Fox Business, Fox Network and also some other local channels like CBS and Fox.

The Core Package

The core package of the PlayStation Vue costs just $5 more than their access package, which means it costs you $54.99 per month. In this package you will get almost sixty channels including HGTV, Bravo, ESPN1, ESPN2 and also ESPN news, this is not the only channels you will get there’s a lot more such as in addition you will get the travel channel, USA, WE, Disney and Disney Junior and many more.

The Elite Package

Other than the access and core package PlayStation Vue also offers The Elite Package for their valuable customers. This package will cost you $59.99 per month and in the package you will get almost ninety channels, including the channels, which are mentioned above in access and core package and some of the favorites in this package, are the E! Entertainment channel and the family channel. It also includes Fusion, National Geographic and the cooking channel.
The Elite Package also includes many sports channel such as ESPN1, ESPN2, ESPN News, Fox Sports North, Fox Sports North Plus, MLB Tv and The Olympic Channel. If you are from the category of sports fan then this package of the PlayStation Vue streaming service is perfect for you.

The Ultra Package

This package of the PlayStation Vue streaming service will cost you $79.99 per month. We know that this sounds a bit much expensive but the thing is that it includes all the channels, which Elite package has, and also in this package you will get HBO and showtime.
I would like to recommend you to compare the packages of your local cable or satellite TV packages with the PlayStation Vue package, there is a possibility that you will find that the PlayStation Vue is a better deal. The city I am living in, the PlayStation Vue packages pricing has beat out many of the popular comparable cable and satellite packages.

This was the list of those 5 best replacement of Cable TV. We hope that it will help you choose a better option for yourself and your family. Also we would love to hear from you all you lovely people, so simply drop a comment below and let us know that which one of this replacements has helped you out and which one you have selected.

Posted on: 07/14/2020

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