7 Ways to Work as a Bookkeeper From Home

Do you want to work as a book-keeper but do not want to leave your home or you can’t leave your home due to some reasons. If this is the case with you then I have a solution to your this problem. If you love to work on the spreadsheets then your this skill can earn you a good amount of money. Book-keeping is such kind of job in which you can work according to your own schedule and set your hours of duty.

So if you want to do such kind of job then you will need an internet connection with good speed, book-keeping software and a computer. You should also be organized and have a professional attitude. This type of job necessarily do not need an accounting degree but you should be able to tackle the problems and perform the given task accordingly.
In this article I will write all the necessary details you need to know about becoming a book keeper and where you can get a job. So stay tuned,


How to Work as a Book-keeper

When you work as a book-keeper you have a number of responsibilities, you will have to keep an account of companies or client’s payable, payroll and bank reconciliations. You can have clients from any type of category like business and nonprofit organizations. If you have experience of book-keeping then the chances of getting a job is much higher because companies prefer experienced peoples. So if you want to be a book-keeper from a home then you must start a job in an office. So that you could learn all the basics required for a professional book-keeper. If you do not want to join an office, you can learn it from a course but I would prefer a job over a course.
One of the things that matters the most is that if you have a degree in the related field then this can be a big deciding factor for getting a job that you can do from your home. Other than that if you are one of the budget or finance experts who has a lot of experience then again the chances get higher of getting a job.

Now if you are ready to work as a book keeper from a home so let me tell you about some of the places where you can get a job as a book keeper. So let’s start from the 1st,


1 Book minders

An old and famous company to get a job of book-keeper is the Bookminders. This company is in business since 1992 and only provide services in the United States only. Basically this company hires people for the post of book-keepers that work from home and provide services to nonprofit organizations and small businesses. This company is famous among the businesses and nonprofit organizations due to their low cost services. This company is slowly developing a professional work force that can provide services from home.
You can join the Book minders as both a full time and a part time worker. With this company, you can’t join if you do not have experience of 5 years and if you do not have the required degree that is of accounting. Although the job is to do from home but the company prefers the people who reside near their offices and the company has offices in Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. So if you live near one of these offices you have higher chances of getting a job. You can check the site for more information of currently available jobs.


2 Click Accounts

If you want to work for a small business or medium company then this company can help you in this regard because they specializes in providing book-keeping services to such kind of companies. The company has offices in Asia and California, but you can join them as a virtual book-keeper and work from home. As a book-keeper on Click Accounts you will have to manage your client’s accounts, their payables and receivable and any other transactions. You can also be asked to do bill payments and make a record of all the income with the expenditures.
If you want to join this company, send your resume to career@ClickAccounts.com because they do not have listings for the open positions.


3 AccountingDepartment.com

One of the finest company to get a job of book-keeper working from a home is Accounting Department. They have a lot of jobs available and you can get a part time, full time home based hobs with a lot of benefits. This company also offers an advisory services for its users. If you live outside the US, then you cannot get a job from this company because this company only provides services to the residents of the United States.

From this site, you will get a job in which you will have to visit an office for a specific days or time in a week. Other than that you should be at least 2 years experienced. This company helps and supports its employs for their professional and personal growth.


4 Smart Books

Like all the other sites and companies listed in the list, this company also enables small business to hire virtual book keepers and accountants. To work effectively they provide different offers for the people of different budgets. So the company or the business can take the offer which satisfies their needs. You can join Smart Books as a book-keeper and other than that this company provides tax, payroll, accounting, HR help and CFO services.
Most of the available jobs on this site are home based so it is worth checking this site out. The company benefits its employs in the best possible way and they can have access to retirement and medical benefits and different other stipends. So if you want to join Smart Books, check their website for further details and availability of jobs.


5 FlexJobs

Flexjobs is in business since 2007 and providing a platform to people to find a job in a better way. This site has listings of all kind of jobs and you can easily find some of book-keeping and accounting. This site is one of the those sites that includes only legit jobs and if you want to search for any kind of virtual job just type virtual before the job title like virtual book-keeper. You can easily find a job that you need and is according to your experience. You can find part-time, full time, freelancing and contract type jobs from this site.
Other than all these facilities, you can also have your expert skills tests, resume review and one-to-one coaching class for your carrier where you will get tips for your future.


6 Belay Solutions

Belay Solutions is one of the finest and best company to get an online job as a virtual assistant, virtual book-keeper, social media experts and web developer. You can get a job from this company and work from the comfort of your home but for that you will have to reside in the United States. This company is in business since 2010 and is based in Atlanta. This company has employers in 96% states of the country. The purpose of this company is to support business virtually and they enable them to prosper. The company requires a lot of experienced workers and you will have to be at least 5 year experienced if you want a job at this company. If you want to join now, you can check the company’s site for current available jobs.


7 Have Your Own Business

If you do not want to someone’s employ then you can start your own business, you can offer your book-keeping services to small business and companies and you can work according to your own terms and conditions. As you will be starting your own business that means you will have a higher earning potential but that means you will have to work even more harder as you will have to find clients for your business and have to manage it effectively. In these type of jobs your earnings are not guaranteed but once you are a pro in the business you can really make a lot by working for more than one companies.

One of the necessary things you require for this business is a computer with a high speed internet and an accounting software. There are two famous platforms for book-keeping, one is the Xero and the other is Quick Books. So when you start a business make sure, you have all of these above mentioned facilities and you can also learn to manage a business. After you have done this make sure you have a website through which you can attract clients and business to which you can offer your services.

So these were some of the places where you can start as a virtual book keeper, so if you a knowledge to handle numbers you can start earning from these. Make sure you make a good deal from this. Do comment in the section below and let us know if you have any queries because we would love to hear from you. Best of Luck!

Posted on: 07/13/2020

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