The Reasons That Businesses Will Give Away Free Stuff – Infographic

There are some individuals that may wonder why a company would ever give away a freebie and what their intentions really are. Free products are given away for a variety of reasons, but is primarily a marketing strategy with the intent of bringing in new clients.

What we have done is made it easier for people looking at this info graphic to understand why free samples are given away.

How Freebies Increase Their Client Base

Most businesses are simply trying to build up their customer base which is why free samples found by Freebie Rush are provided. If a potential client does try a free product, they may soon be a customer for the full-sized product that they may purchase in the future.

Why Freebies Build Brand Awareness

When a new product or service is released, this can serve as a promotion. Awareness of any service or product, even well-known businesses, will likely give free samples for a period of time. This is done, in an economical way, so that they can advertise the services or products they are offering. Customer loyalty can also be increased by making these free products available.

How Freebies Alleviate Brand Uncertainty

When a potential customer is looking at different products, it’s really hard for them to determine which ones are the best in the same niche. Free samples can provide this information to consumers, allowing them to determine which brand they would prefer having without having to spend any money on a product they would like to try.


Businesses Obtain Valuable Data Through Providing Freebies

There is another advantage that companies will experience and that is the data that is collected on potential customers that may become long-term clients. It’s important to note that, as you are exchanging your personal information to get a freebie, you are literally giving the company your personal info.

These are just many of the wide variety of reasons that companies tend to give away free products from time to time, if you are new to freebies check out our top freebie tips. Let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestions on why businesses give away free samples.

Posted on: 06/23/2020

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