8 Great Amazon Review Sites to Get Free Products

There are millions of people in the world who shop online and the reason behind that it is useful and can help us save a lot of money.
There is many reasons why Amazon has become so much popular and you can say that it is the most popular e–commerce site in the history of internet. And now at this moment of time it is even possible to shop for free when you shop using the Amazon review sites.
If the perspective of free products sounds attractive to you, then you need to take a look on these below mentioned sites to start saving money today!
But first you need to know that how Amazon review sites work, so stick to us and we will show you.


How Amazon Review Websites Work

Before we move forward to figure out that which sites will allow you to get free products there are some important things on which you need to take a look on. The thing is that these Amazon Review sites are partner with sellers so they can offer free products or at exorbitant discount in exchange for a review.

To boost any product ranking the reviews of the customer are so much important. And frankly speaking offering a product to a customer at an amazing discount is a great incentive to obtain a customer feedback and boost sales at the same time, and because of the recent changes to Amazon’s customer review policy, the chances are that most of these sites might require that you place a disclaimer stating that you’ve purchased the product at a discounted price.
Let’s say you complete the entire sale using Amazon and you also enter a discount or promo code on the checkout screen to get the product for a fundamental price, but the thing is that you will be still responsible for any sort of shipping costs.
For products fulfilled or shipped by Amazon, you can simply relinquish the cost of shipping when you sign up for Amazon Prime or Amazon Student with a complimentary two – day shipping.

These discounts will be frequently for at least 50% off. Considering that Amazon still wants to maintain a high level of credibility for the reviews of their valued customers, sites don’t offers this much free products as they did in the past.
However, every Amazon review site can curb that how many discount you can redeem every single month.  Bounding discounts ensures that the other customers can also find amazing deals and it also helps verify that you are taking required time to test a product perfectly.

There are some of the best Amazon review sites which we have mentioned below through which you guys can get products for free so just stick to us and we will keep you guys on the right track.


1 Elite Deal Club

Elite Deal Club is actually unique from almost all of the rest, and the reason behind that is that they don’t ask you to place a review for those products which are placed at a discounted price. In fact, their homepage even claims that they are not a review site or supported by Amazon.
If you love to have no obligations then this can be the best way for you to get the free products sold on Amazon. And the best thing is that most of the time deals are 50% – 100% off.
And also you don’t have to face any restrictions about how many deals you can claim every single day after 2.pm EST, and every morning you’ll be only allowed to get your hands on one deal to provide chances to the other members of the club too. You will receive an email consisting of 100 – 200 offers from Elite Deal Club on daily basis. Honestly speaking there are many people who recommends Elite Deal Club for electronics and accessories including phone cases.
Plus point is that you also have the opportunity to win free Amazon gift cards by simply shopping with Elite Deals Club too.


2 Vipon

Vipon is one of the oldest review sites and it offers a large variety of products ranging up to 50% – 100% off. You can test a large variety of products then Vipon is the great option for you and the best thing is that it is totally free to join.
The best advantage to shop on Vipon is that you can apply to try 20 products at the same time, but the only negative is that merchants must have to approve your request separately.
There are many different review sites which deals with an instant approval as “first come first serve”. There’s a possibility that the merchants from Vipon might approve your request by the next business day or maybe it can take few days to get approved.
You’ll get a time period of two weeks to complete a review after you receive your trial products. After providing your review you can apply for more products to test.


3 Giveaway Service

Giveaway is a well – known and fast growing website, and it also has a rapidly growing membership base. After their special offers or promotions gets available you’ll receive a mail with the list of products which are available for free or on amazing discounts.
They are stated to send a lot of emails, and if you don’t like to clean your inbox consistently or on daily basis then you should avoid Giveaway Service. In other way you can also find some profitable deals on their websites.


4 VIP Amazon Review Club

VIP Amazon Review Club by Premier Deals Club provides many products that normally sell for $20 – $50 for just $3 – $5. The only downside is that there’s a possibility that you might won’t get many free deals. At the moment of time when you receive a discounted products then you’ll only have 03 days to post a review. Frankly speaking, as compared to the other Amazon Review sites three days is a quick deadline.


5 iReviewHome

With iReviewHome you can actually find number of items for free or for just $1. The best thing is that you don’t need to get approved by each seller to claim the discount code. If you are willing to improve the chances of your approval then first you need to complete your A.R.T profile which can quickly help the sellers to make a decision on your request.
To be honest it is possible to for you to get more offers from the sellers if you provide more reviews about products and the reason behind that is, that they look for those frequent shoppers who posts detailed and plausible feedbacks.


6 Blue Ribbons Review

Blue Ribbons Review also have a comprehensive marketplace which offers the discounts of at least 50% off. You can also get your hands on the amazing deals through their email that can be surely greater than those listed on the website. And the best thing is that you can also request those products which you currently don’t see on their website.
Over and above from Amazon deals you can also find discount codes for eBay, Best Buy, Walmart, Flipkart and Etsy.


7 BestOne Review

BestOne Review offers a large variety of products with a discount of at least 80% off. You can also get access to exclusive offering and special promotions not posted on their website by just joining their email list and also you will receive new offers each day.
Most of their discounted items are related to health, beauty and clothing. But it is also possible that you will find deals on electronics, cell phone accessories, kitchen items as well as home improvement items.


8 Arctic

Arctic has associated with Intel and Ryzen to test cooler units as a tester. If you like to make money by playing games then their website can be a cool and best option for you. And the reason behind that is their products are top notch and also they are also associating with the two other famous & esteemed computer technology developers. Using this site can be an amazing chance for you to help influence the marketplace.

That was the list of those 8 amazing Amazon Review sites which you can take advantage of to get free products.  At the end we would only say that we would love to hear from you,so simply drop a comment below and share your experiences with us.

Posted on: 06/24/2020

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