13 Ways You Can Make Extra Cash as a Teenager

To start earning in your teenage is always a good idea, you can start your carrier from a very small age. Earning in your teenager years can give many benefits to you as you are living with your parents you can start a small business that can help you to make your pocket money and could help you to become established before you graduate. Working in teenage can boost your potentials and can give you a lot of experience in a very small age. You will be able to know the value of earning and will be an established man very soon. Many teenagers think that they do not have enough opportunities to work and the only work they have is flipping burgers and store cashier. If you also think like that then you are not thinking right. Today I will tell you about some of the methods and jobs that a teenager can make some money much more than of flipping burgers.


1. Invest

This is the most important thing that you must do while a teenager because when you will invest in your teenage you will be able to make a very big amount from it as the time passes and you could become millionaire at the age of 30 or more because the time you have spent in investing and the experience you got could not be compared with anything else. Ask your parents to make you a custodial Investment account so that you can invest something. There are online websites and application from which you can invest as less as $5. So investing a $100 in your teenage can become a million when you grow up.


2. Create your YouTube Channel

If you can attract people with any of the talent you have then you should earn from it. It will not need a big camera to make videos to post on YouTube, you can make your videos even from your smart phones. To earn from your YouTube channel you need viewers and to get viewers you have to put some unique stuff on your Channel and as vlog making is the new art you can make your vlog on a unique topic and start posting media. You will get some passive income through videos.


3. Graphic Designing

To earn some good amount you should try to get some knowledge related to designing you can design graphics and logos. You can make an account at Fiver when you are a teenager. There are hundreds of opportunities available on fiver which include tasks like graphic designing, animations and writing contents. You can try for one and every task on fiver can give you $5, you can get more if you have a strong portfolio.


4. SwagBucks

Do you like to play games? Or do you surf the internet quite often? Is yes then why should you do this for free while you can earn from it. Swagbucks is a website that will accept you if you are 13 or more than 13. This is site that pays people for watching online videos, playing games, taking surveys or for surfing the internet. You will get SB points on every single task you do so you can earn on every single minute you surf on their website. You can redeem your SB points in to cash through PayPal or gift cards. There are many other websites like SwagBucks so you can try any of these and can earn some cash throughout the month.


5. Collect Trash

You can earn a lot of money on weekly basis if you start collecting trash from your neighborhood. Aluminum cans are one of the most recycled product. You can earn a lot only by picking up aluminum cans from your neighborhood. This will also help you to clean your environment. You can pick your local park for this task where you can get a lot of trash that can be sold to the scrap dealer in your town. You can do this work in the night or in the weekends to earn some extra cash other than you routine.


6. Mow lawns

If you have a weed eater or a mower in your house and you know who to use it efficiently then you can earn from it by mowing the gardens of your neighbors in summers and springs. No one likes a garden with big grass so they need it cleaned you could do it for them and get paid. You will enjoy this work if you love to spend time in the garden and have a hobby of gardening.


7. Sell online

When you start a business in a small age you have chances of earning big from that. You can sell whatever you can sell on online stores. You can sell video games, clothes, books and handicraft on stores like Amazon and eBay. You can earn more by starting your own website that will become a source of passive income as the time passes.


8. Baby Sitting

As a teenager you would love to spend time with kids and by doing this fun task you can earn cash. Parents do need some serious and responsible person who they can trust to take care of their baby and to save more from the day care they go for babysitting. As a teenager, the parents will prefer you and hire you so you can work in the free time and in order to earn more you can baby sit more children at the same time. You can find opportunities on care.com and you can ask your friends and neighbor as if they need your services.


9. Pet sitting

Like babysitting, you can also earn by pet sitting. You can take care of someone’s pet and earn from it. People need pet sitters while they are in office or going to vacations. The duties include that you have to feed the pet on time, play with it and get it in cage in the night. You can get opportunities on websites like Rover.com.


10. Walk Dogs

If you have some extra time and want to make some quick cash in short time you can walk dogs for people. Professional Dog walker earn up to 6 figures. Yeah this is a very big amount. You can ask your friends and family or neighbors for this service or you can find one at Rover.com.


11. Pressure Washer

You can earn a lot of money by booking your weekend with your neighbor for pressure washing their house. Many people who own a house are always looking for a new look in their houses. You can earn by washing people’s houses for giving them a new look. You can use Craigslist to find a job or you can offer your services there


12. Washing Cars

If you love to clean and know to clean up your car then you can do it for others and charge them for that. Although it seems quite difficult but it will pay you off. You can get some work from Craigslist and you can offer your services on Craigslist. You can charge more by cleaning people’s cars in their own garages. Make sure you clean them well to make a good amount and to earn a tip too.


13. Grow Fruits and Vegetable

Do you love gardening? Or do you like to grow foods? If yes you can earn from this. Although this source of income is seasonal and you will earn after a long time but this income can be fruitful because you are earning from your hobby. You will have to grow fruits and vegetable in your garden and then you can sell them in your local market because health conscious people are always looking for healthy products to buy.

So these were some ways to earn some cash while you are a teenager. There are many other opportunities like that from which you can earn whether they are online, home based or you have to work in field. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experiences of making money in your teen age. We would love to hear from you.

Posted on: 09/11/2020

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